Without truth, there is no freedom.

A little bit of background…

Hi all! My name is Dan Fournier located in Quebec, Canada. After having worked for over 35 years in the education sector, 22 as a teacher (including at the collegiate level), I have recently transitioned into journalism. I will mostly focus on investigatory journalism in the following areas: Current Events | Geopolitics | Canada.

Dan Fournier in the House of Commons building Committee Meeting Room, Ottawa. Photo taken on July 29, 2023.

As an independent journalist, I am currently not beholden to any one particular media outlet. I primarily publish my articles on this Substack and also contribute (see below) to whichever media outlet interested in truthfully covering the important issues of our time.

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You can follow me on Twitter, or check out my key sites at https://linktr.ee/danfournier.

Feel free to contact me if you have a story related to the fields above.

Do you have a story you would like heard?

Have you been victim of an egregious wrongdoing? Do you have information you think the public should know about? Whether you are in Canada or elsewhere, feel free to contact me if you wish to be heard. If your story is compelling enough, I can exchange with you for more details and write a piece about it.

If you prefer to use a more secure means of communications, email me first and I can guide you to use something very simple and effective to use.

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  • SGTReport on Monday May 29, 2023 (see my post with related resources about this appearance)

By June 3, five days later, the interview had a combined (Rumble + Bitchute) 139,611 views, 1,949 likes & 43 dislikes.

Journalism Associations Memberships:

I am an Associate member of the Canadian Association of Journalists (CAJ) as well as a member of the New Canadian Media Collective.

My Training:

Here is some of the training I have completed to help me navigate this new endeavour:

I also completed the Basic Toolkit Course in Solutions Journalism Training on Sept. 30, 2020.

This has expanded my knowledge on how to make stories more constructive rather than just reporting on negative events without exploring possible solutions by interested and affected parties. This course has provided me with amazing insight as to how to view challenges in society and write about them to generate a more positive impact.


The content provided on fournier.substack.com and on my Twitter account is for general information and entertainment purposes only. My posts, Twitter tweets, and writings contain information and views which are solely my own. Under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, I retain my lawful rights to express myself freely which includes, but is not limited to, freedom of conscience; freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication. If there is any information you find to be erroneous, not factual, or in breach of any law, please indicate so in the Comments section of the related article, tweet, or post. The majority of the material presented in my Substack posts is for informational purposes and, accordingly, all of such material that is not of my own creation is considered to be used on the doctrine of fair use. If there are any images, photographs, videos, or other copyrighted material you believe I have used without proper authorization, please notify me and I will rectify it promptly. I will provide addendums to my articles when corrections or mistakes need to be stated. Comments provided by other people in the comments sections are their own. I do not tolerate hateful or racist comments in the Comments section of my articles. If you notice any, email me and I will promptly address them. Hateful or racist comments will be deleted from the Comments section of my articles as soon as I become aware of them, and those who posted them will be banned - either temporarily or permanently. No information, materials, services, and other content provided in my posts constitutes solicitation, preference and endorsement for any political party, recommendation, endorsement or any financial, investment, medical, health, educational, or other advice. Seek independent professional consultation in the form of legal, financial, and fiscal advice before making any investment decisions. Seek independent professional consultation before making health-related decisions. Always do you own research and perform your own due diligence. And don’t forget to speak your mind whether you agree with me or not.

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As a proud Canadian, Dan is Freelance Investigative Journalist. The areas he is focusing on include: Financial Markets & Cryptos, Geopolitics, and Canadian affairs. He currently lives in the beautiful Eastern Townships in Quebec province.